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    About us

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    Dongguan HJBRIGHT is an innovation-driven interconnection manufacturer in China, we design, manufacture and market a wide range of standard and custom-designed connector, terminal, pin, pin header, box header, wafer, socket, FPC and cable harness used in a wide array of industries across automotive, medical, industrial device, telecommunication device, we serve world-class customers in the world through our manufacturing base and sales network in Dongguan, Hong Kong and overseas sales network.
    HJBRIGHT is dedicated to offering one-stop manufacturing solutions to customers, we take ourselves pride in offering comprehensive designing and production solutions from in-house sophisticated & precise tooling development and modification, metal and plastic material selection, connector development, wire selection to cable harness in the end, our in-house tailored automated equipments make our product quality performance consistent in the stage of mass production and cost competitive.
    HJBRIGHT factory is located in the world-class factory powerhouse--Dongguan, China, our factory operation is certified to IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001 and ISO14001, with the combination of stringent quality system control, innovation design and cost advantage, we strive to be a leading interconnection enterprise in China.